4 Secret Items Our Fashion Friends Always Buy From New Look

Each high-street store excels in different categories, and that can change every season, so it's hard to keep up. For example: if you asked me in summer 2017 where I was buying all my affordable shoes, it was Zara, but now I'm spreading the investment across Charles & Keith and Office instead. Or like the fact that last year my affordable summer dresses were all from Warehouse, and this year I've shifted to Mango (although, saying that, Warehouse does still have some cracking pieces). So that's why we thought it was a good idea to give you the latest lowdown and a bit of a refresher course in how to shop for the best items at New Look. Maybe you've not visited in a while, or maybe you're one of the smug editor friends we've recently complimented on their fantastic dress only to find that it's from this high-street stalwart and costs around £30—our deputy editor Emma Spedding wrote about such a thing not so long ago and since then our interest in the brand has piqued again.

So we did a bit of digging around to uncover the items that we like to buy at New Look in 2018, as well as the pieces that our extended network of fashion experts rely upon. Keep reading to see what's best to buy from NL right now.