10 Chic Lingerie Brands That Aren't the Obvious Ones You're Bored Of

Lingerie drawers. You’d think they’d be silky, lacy and, naturally, sexy affairs, but the honest truth is that this isn't the case for most of us. To the women who are perfectly matched in the underwear department day in, day out—congratulations. To the rest (read: majority) who treat themselves once a year to a fresh pack of M&S cotton knickers, I say enough. It’s time to put some love into your lingerie.

You’ve probably read this sentence in women’s magazines since you got your first training bra, but it’s true—wearing lingerie that is pretty, comfortable and freshly washed (baby steps) is something like a natural endorphin. It makes you feel more put together, end of discussion.

Okay, so you’re at a loss on where to start. Luckily, the style set is fairly au fait with not only posting photos in their undergarments but tagging the provenance of said pieces. Blogger Lucy Williams recently popped such a pic on Instagram, showing her toned, tanned torso clad in a white lace confection from Gooseberry Intimates (6000 likes and counting). So get some drawer separators from IKEA and read on for the 10 best out-of-the-ordinary brands to shop now.  

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