11 New Beauty Products I Tried This Month—and Actually Loved

There's no doubt that one of the huge perks of my job as a beauty editor is getting the chance to try out tons of new beauty launches every single week. I've got my trialling system pretty much down to a fine art now, filing everything I take home to try into one of three categories: "not for me," "like and will use again," "amazing and would recommend people part with their hard-earned cash for it."

But as you can imagine, on any given month, that equals a huge amount of product moving in and out of my bathroom cabinets and dressing table drawers at any one time. To help break things down, and to guarantee that you get the lowdown on the best new beauty launches while they're still hot off the press, I'm going to be sharing my list of the new releases I'm genuinely loving with you every single month.

So what has April delivered in the way of the best new beauty products? Well, there's no sign of the glitter trend slowing down, with shimmering makeup drops from the likes of Clarins and Bobbi Brown making their way to the top of my love list. The shift towards pollution awareness continues with solutions for hair and skin managing to impress. And most definitely, April has been the month of the spot sticker, with various pimple-busting new launches landing on my desk. But which patch stole my heart (and busted my breakout)? Keep scrolling to shop the 11 best new beauty products I tried this month—and actually loved.


This grown-up glitter caught my eye as soon as it arrived in the beauty cupboard for a sneak peek last month. The powder formula is made with soft-focus pearls for a really light-reflecting texture with plenty of proper sparkle. I wore this to a wedding recently and loved how it was glowy enough for daytime but glitzy enough for the dance floor later.

Often referred to as "The Queen of Glow," it's no surprise that Charlotte Tilbury's newest collection is all about luminous skin. For me, the star of the show is this four-powder compact. Not only is it beautiful, but the powders deliver a surprisingly subtle radiance to your complexion, so feel free to apply liberally. Plus, all the powders double up as incredible eye shadows too.

I was lucky enough to attend the UK launch of Pat McGrath Labs at Selfridges this month and meet the legendary makeup artist herself. Affectionately known as "Mother" within the industry, McGrath is renowned for her use of bold colours and innovative textures—and, when I finally got my hands on some of the product, it really didn't disappoint. This true-red shade was applied to me at the launch, and I've been reaching for it as my go-to red lipstick ever since. It's the kind of punchy shade that I love, it's matte without being drying, and it lasts through eating and drinking.

If I'm being honest, this is the kind of makeup I would never have known I needed unless it fell into my lap. It comprises of a nude eyeliner at one end and a shimmering eye shadow at the other, and it's so good that my mum complimented me on my makeup when I wore it the other day, which never happens. You use the liner end along your waterline to brighten your eyes and the shadow end in the inner corners of your eyes to add a little sparkle. I honestly don't think I'd be able to do my eye makeup without it now.

I've only been using this for the last couple of weeks, so I don't want to make any brash claims, but this stuff might just have knocked my trusty Benefit brow gel off its top spot. This one has as a weird soft-squeeze tube that puts just the right amount of product onto the brush to apply the perfect amount of colour, definition and hold to brows. I've been using it every day since I got it, and I think it might be love.

Blending the line between makeup and skincare, this new base product from Revlon is now my ultimate everyday foundation, providing just the right amount of coverage and enough protection for city life. As well as covering up dark circles and blemishes, it protects skin from pollution and blue lights, and soothes puffiness and signs of fatigue. A great all-rounder.


Arriving just in time for the May bank holidays, this mini travel bag contains three handy hair products for busy girls—and all three are genuinely great. The Rose Hair & Body Oil can be used to add a sheen to dry hair but looks equally gorgeous applied to the body. The Wave Spray adds beachy texture to all hair types. But for me, the best product is the Air Dry Foam. I applied this to damp, freshly washed hair (kind of like a mousse), and then went to bed without going near a hair dryer. The next morning, my hair looked tousled and textured (in a good way), and my colleague complimented me on my hair—always a sign of a good product.

Whether you're interested in its anti-pollution haircare benefits or not, the best thing about this shampoo is the way it smells like a fresh mojito. It's genuinely the best thing to have in the shower if you're washing your hair in the morning, as it's so zesty and invigorating. Packed with aquatic mint, this shampoo also has the added bonus of a high concentration of antioxidants to protect your scalp from harmful pollutants and harsh aggressors from the environment.


I'm always sceptical of any product promising to beat a breakout fast, but I have to say, I was mightily impressed with these patches. Each one contains fine needles of hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and green tea extracts that penetrate the surface of your skin to help repair your blemish. While they aren't a miracle worker, I applied one to a particularly pesky spot overnight and was pleasantly surprised at how both the size and redness had reduced come morning. Definitely handy to have in your stash to combat spot emergencies.

I'm a big fan of the original Weleda Skin Food for your face, so I couldn't wait to dive into this big tub formulated especially for your body. I moisturise religiously after every shower, so I pride myself on knowing a good body butter from a bad one—and this is a great one. It uses a rich blend of shea butter and cocoa butter, but is surprisingly non-greasy and sinks in quickly, so there's no need to wait around to get dressed after applying.

Yes, this is expensive for a one-use sheet mask, but it contains more than half a jar of moisturiser in one treatment. (Seriously.) When your skin really needs some pampering, this does a great job of locking in hydration, smoothing the surface of your skin and generally making your face look a whole lot glowier than before.

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