The Coolest Mum Blogs You Need on Your Radar—Even If You Don't Have Kids

Even though I don't have kids, I find mum blogs a fascinating read. Maybe it's because I'm marveling about how much they're multitasking, or maybe it's because I'm impressed by the fact they've managed to grow and birth actual real humans. Or maybe it's because they're interesting women, with interesting lives, who also just so happen to be mothers. Whatever it is, there is a spate of incredible mum blogs around right now that I can't get enough of, with many stylish mums showing off not just how they throw together an outfit but how they dress their kids too.

There are, of course, amusing anecdotes about breastfeeding, as well as blog posts helping to share and demystify the myths about motherhood. But whether you're a mum or not, I've rounded-up the sharpest, funniest, and most stylish mum blogs on the internet right now. Keep scrolling for our guide to the best mum blogs.

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