Mulberry Bags Are Completely Timeless—10 Styles Fashion People Will Always Love

When it comes to designer handbags, Mulberry has long positioned itself as the destination for timeless investment purchases without the feeling that you'll need to remortgage. From classic totes that couldn't be more perfect for work, travel or even as a chic and roomy "mum" bag, all guaranteed to stand the test of time. To mini crossbody bags that are ideal for wedding-guest dressing or date nights. The sheer versatility of these handbags means you're guaranteed to get your money's worth.

The classics will always be classic—think the Bayswater, and the iconic Alexa. But we're also very into the brand's modern iterations these days (a special shout out to the dreamy new Lana), as well as the updated takes on the traditional silhouettes which prove that, while anti-trend, Mulberry isn't a brand that will ever feel stagnant or old-fashioned.

The Bloom Twins attend a Mulberry handbag party wearing Mulberry bags.



So which bags are currently on our wish list? The fashion crowd seem to be fighting over who can get their hands on the Lana first, but we all seem to have an icon, like the Alexa, Iris or Lily, that gets frequent outings as well. 

Keep scrolling for our rundown of the best Mulberry handbags to shop now.

Alexa Chung wears Mulberry bag.



1. The Lana

2. The Link

3. The Alexa

4. The Pimlico

5. The Rider's

6. The Lily

7. The Bayswater

8. The Iris

9. The M Zipped

10. The Softie