Call Off the Search: 25 Perfect Mother's Day Presents Are All Here

The best Mother's Day presents are all here. Fact. And during our extensive search for the nicest things you could possibly give to the most important woman in your life, we became sure that certain pieces that are so chic that a) you'd probably feel tempted to keep them for yourself, and b) they're 100% cool enough to give to even the most discerning and hip of mums. And when our audience—hello, you!—is as cool as we know you are, then it stands to reason that your mamas are pretty awesome too.

Whether your mother always appreciates your fashion eye being used to select her something new and special to wear, prefers a total surprise or yet another posh candle to add to the collection, we've got plenty of tricks up our (statement) sleeves. So call off the search and get to it: Keep scrolling to see our edit of the best (and coolest) Mother's Day gifts around.

Opening Image: Instagram/@jeannedamas

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.