"Mom" Jeans Have Undergone a Rebrand for 2019, and I'm Into It

In 2013, Topshop introduced its "Mom Jeans" style—high-waisted, cropped, stiff straight-leg jeans. Five years later, they are still a key silhouette for the retailer. However, others have dropped the "mom" from the label of these jeans and have returned to calling them vintage-inspired straight legs. Selfridges's denim studio has over 11,000 pairs of jeans, so it seemed like the obvious place for me to try to find the best pairs.

Initially, I was told by a sales assistant that there were no mom jeans in the store—making it clear that this cut has gone under a rebranding this year. Mom jeans now go by the name "high" or "mid-rise" straight-leg jeans and usually have the word "vintage" used somewhere in the description. In 2013 the mom jeans backed by Topshop were predominantly in a light, bleached wash, however, this year's styles aren't as Saved by the Bell and come in darker, more classic washes. Keep scrolling for the four pairs that I think are the best around.