19 "Stealthy" Pieces That Will Always Be in Fashion

Many designer items can be identified within seconds thanks to OTT logos and flashy prints, but there are certain luxury pieces that require a trained eye in order to spot them among the crowds. Unlike a Gucci belt or a Fendi printed scarf, these "stealthy" pieces are treasured for their modesty and simplicity. Simply put: If you know, you know.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have mastered this stealth approach to luxury fashion with their label The Row, which creates "quiet" pieces in high-quality fabrics. There are a number of other designers who shy away from loud branding and focus on the quality and long shelf life of their designs. If you buy a Blazé Milano double-breasted blazer or a Valextra Iside bag, you are making a purchase for life. Many of the items on our list are the same season after season and remain popular years later.