Our Mini-Bag Obsession Has Led Us to These 18 Little Beauties

Handbags can so easily become bottomless pits rather than chic receptacles. We've all been in the situation where you reach into your bag to answer a call and end up pulling out a selection of nine lipsticks (you never know what colour you may need), some dry shampoo and maybe even a shoe you thought you lost back in 2012. Well, this season, the struggle of a giant bag you simply have to fill to the brim is over thanks to the surge of mini bags.

Spotted on the arms, hands and bodies of the most stylish It girls, there's no denying it's time to empty said oversized tote in favour of a much smaller option. Yes, they may only fit your phone and one chosen lipstick, but it'll be so worth it when you see our edit of the best out there. From Jacquemus's new-season (not so teeny-tiny as the last) mini bag to the Rejina Pyo style everyone has been carrying, consider this your checklist to all the mini bags you need to own. Honey, we shrunk your handbag…

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