This Skirt Trend Will Get You Out of a Denim Rut

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I kid you not, I think I have worn jeans at least three times a week for the past year. Not to say that's necessarily a bad thing, but I have wanted to get back into the swing of wearing skirts again. However, nothing spoke to me until I came across this particular midi skirt style that I think is the best in the market right now.

The style is midi in length, has ruffles along the hem or somewhere else on the skirt (typically cascading in a flattering diagonal), and a majority of them either are a wrap skirt or at least appear to have a faux wrap effect. Since the precise cut doesn't have a name yet, explaining all the nuances was necessary. Thank you for your patience.

The moment I tried this skirt on, I felt at home in it. It was the perfect balance of casual and trend-driven, and instantly, I could think of a million places to wear the one I had just invested in. Personally, I love wearing mine with a graphic tee and mules, but I have also tried it with a button-down and courts for a more work-appropriate look. As of now, I only own two skirts that fall within this cascading ruffle midi trend, but I plan on adding on to that mini collection. They always say that when you love something, buy multiples of it, and besides jeans, this was the first item of clothing I applied that infamous fashion law to, and it's made me pretty happy.

Go on to see a picture of me wearing one of my favourite cascading ruffle skirts, and shop the style for yourself.


Now trending: tablecloths as skirts. ????

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I styled this gingham version of the skirt with a white T-shirt and sweater tied around my neck. However, I have also worn this with a black crop top and lace-up sandals on warmer spring days. I'm telling you, this is the skirt trend sent from above.

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Throw on a black tee and mules, and call it a day.

There's nothing fresher than white ruffles.

The elaborate skirt you never knew you needed.

How good would this look with a black hoodie?

Be sure not to miss the pleats hiding underneath the ruffles.

This summer, all you need is this affordable gingham skirt.

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