You Could Save Hundreds of Pounds With This #1 Shopping Trick

Here at Who What Wear UK, we have been writing for what seems like years that women should shop in the men's department, as these pieces can often look so much cooler. Eva Chen has said on Instagram Stories that she prefers to shop in the Zara men's section, and Alexa Chung has revealed in many style interviews that she prefers men's jumpers for her own closet. Roberta Benteler agrees with Alexa, as she said to us: "Menswear is always cheaper than women's anyway, and the men's jumpers are cut much nicer at Loro Piana; they aren’t so fitted. I like the kind of boxy boyfriend jumper style, so I go there and buy all of the jumpers in a 48, the smallest size, and they are perfect!"

Best menswear for women: Prada stripe jumper Alexa Chung



On Alexa Chung: Prada menswear jumper

There are five key items that you should look for in the men's department, including actual boyfriend jeans and button-down shirts, and because of the "pink tax," it can be significantly cheaper to buy these men's versions. Business of Fashion delved into these pricing differences and found 17 instances where the women's equivalent differed in price—in one case, the women's version was £800 more.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the five key items that you should buy in the menswear department to save money.


Many editors will stock up on basics and T-shirts from the men's department, as they can be much cheaper. Gucci's logo T-shirt has been a cult hit this season, but did you know that the men's style is significantly cheaper? This T-shirt is £560 in the women's department—that's £240 more than the men's style. Yes, you could buy two men's tees for the price of one women's version. And yes, we would encourage such behaviour.

2. Knitwear

Alexa Chung wears this Prada menswear jumper so often that she has even joked she's "in a relationship" with it. She often buys menswear cashmere jumpers to have that boyfriend fit, and they can be cheaper too. Prada's women's jumpers on Net-a-Porter are over £500.  

3. Button-down shirts

If you're after a preppy Ralph Lauren cotton oxford shirt, head towards the men's department. The slim-fit shirts are mainly £85 for men and £95 for women. Plus, an oversize fit is so much cooler, don't you think?

4. Suede and leather Jackets

It pays to look for suede and leather jackets in the menswear departments too. If you have been lusting after Whistles' green suede jacket like us but can't quite spend £495 on one item, then take a look in the menswear department where they have a zip-up suede jacket on sale from £295 to £236. Just buy it super small.

5. Boyfriend Jeans

Instead of buying boyfriend jeans, don't rule out buying actual boys' jeans. Acne's Town five-pocket, slim-leg jeans are £170, an alternative to the designer's boyfriend jeans in the women's department, which are £230. These skinny-fit jeans are also a good buy at £150.

The menswear department at ASOS is filled with hidden gems; don't miss our guide to shopping this section.

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