This Old-Fashioned Styling Trick Will Help You Get Ready Faster

The Queen does it to brilliant effect, and so did Jackie Kennedy. I’m talking about an age-old styling trick — one that takes the decision-making process out of getting dressed and delivers a note of polish to its wearer. Drumroll, please… It’s matching your shoes to your handbag.

When the Queen made her surprise appearance on the front row at Richard Quinn’s London Fashion Week show in February, she did so in a duck-egg-blue suit by Angela Kelly and a coordinated trio of black gloves, black mid-heel pumps and a black handbag from Launer. Her granddaughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, relies on matchy-matchy accessories for evening functions, and created a symphony in scarlet on the 2016 Canadian tour in an asymmetric red Preen and a rouge box clutch and court shoes.

Jackie Kennedy used to take things a step further in head-to-toe colour, taking care to ensure her hat, gloves, shoes and handbag were harmonious with the hue of her coat. For Moschino’s autumn/winter show, the models were dressed in near-perfect imitations of her skirt suits, pillbox hats, wrist-length gloves and buckled heels, all of which came in peppermint green, Cadbury purple and tangerine.