6 Items Mango Gets Right Every Single Time

Have you ever noticed how one brand can completely dominate a season, only for another to take its place the next? This is standard fare for designer brands, whose fine-tuned aesthetics tend to dictate the trends until another piques our interest, but it happens on the high-street, too. One minute, everyone (ourselves included) will buy into a particular brand, only for our affections to shift to another when the next collection drops. Kind of a Baskin and Robbins Flavour of the Month situation. There is, however, one high-street brand that always commands our attention with its edit of eternally chic items. 



TyLynn Nguyen wears a coat from Mango. 

As any well-versed reader of Who What Wear will tell you, we love Mango, and we don’t try to deny it. Still, like every other brand out there, Mango doesn’t necessarily get every item it sells right, but there are a few product categories the Spanish fashion powerhouse consistently delivers on. Taking a look at Mango’s spring/summer 2021 range only confirms our theory. 

Best Mango Fashion Items: @greceganhem wears a blouse, jeans, and sandals from Mango



Grece Ghanem wears a blouse, jeans, and sandals from Mango. 

First, let’s talk shoes. Our editors agree that Mango’s shoes are some of the strongest on the affordable shopping circuit, constantly unveiling new styles that look polished beyond their price tags. And then there are dresses. From florals to stripes, Mango ensures its frocks are the sleekest around, thanks to gorgeous silhouettes and premium fabrications. This season, Mango also seems to have poured considerable effort into honing its knitwear lineup, as well as its jacket options, resulting in one of the most well-rounded collections of the season. Scroll below to see and shop the best Mango fashion items to buy now and that you’ll treasure for years to come. 







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