Love Makeup or Not, We Know You'll Obsess Over This Actress's Beauty Looks

It's official—it might only be February, but I've already marked Lucy Boynton as my beauty inspiration for 2019. While she looked suitably stylish in her role as Mary Austin in last year's Bohemian Rhapsody, it's her real-life hair and makeup looks that really steal the show for me. From her trademark choppy blonde bob to her more adventurous red carpet looks, Boynton isn't afraid to experiment—and, in turn, she's inspiring me to be a little braver with how I use the contents of my makeup bag. 

If you want a little help to step outside your beauty comfort zone, keep scrolling for some of Lucy Boynton's best beauty looks so far.


Best Lucy Boynton Beauty Looks: Lucy with red smokey eye at the BAFTAs 2019



Jo Baker, Boynton's makeup artist, coined her BAFTAs red smokey eye a "snapper tail flare-shaped shadow." The clumpy, '70s-inspired lashes and red snapper hues prove that there are more ways to do special-occasion eye makeup than the classic feline flick.

This is the exact shade that Boynton is wearing on her eyelids in this look. It's multipurpose so you can blend it onto eyes, cheeks and lips.

For volumised, Twiggy-style lashes, this mascara coats and separates every single lash.


Best Lucy Boynton Beauty: Lucy wearing peach eye makeup and wavy bob



I've already flirted with Pantone Living Coral this year, so my heart was aflutter when I saw Boynton in this coral eye look. Paired with her beach-wave bob, it's pretty as a picture.

You can't get peachier than this palette from Too Faced. Not only are there a whole array of apricot shades to choose from, but they actually smell of peaches too!

This jelly-like balm delivers nourishment to dry lips while delivering the most subtle hint of coral colour. 


Best Lucy Boynton Beauty Looks: Lucy with dewy skin and bold brows



When she isn't pushing the beauty boundaries, there's nobody that does that that flushed English rose skin like Boynton. A bold, groomed brow keeps the pink lips and cheeks feeling modern—and the gently tousled hair is beautifully relaxed.

Tint, define and hold your brows in place all day with this foolproof fibre gel.

I love the "lived-in" look that this spray creates. Not only does it provide a bit of lift and texture at the roots, but it adds shine too.


Best Lucy Boynton Beauty: Lucy wearing red and pink makeup



Makeup artist Jo Baker took inspiration from Japanese cherry blossoms for this colourful makeup look. Pink and red are definitely having a beauty moment this year, and, when it looks this incredible on Boynton, it's easy to see why.

Keeping the lips matte keeps this colour clash look feeling grown-up.

It might have been created for cheeks but this cream pigment looks just as pretty blended onto eyelids.

'50s CHIC

Best Lucy Boynton Beauty: Lucy wearing blue eyeshadow



Before I get to Boynton's Oscars look, I think her '50s makeup look from the pre-Oscars party deserves a shoutout. I didn't think I'd be rushing to buy a frosty blue eye shadow anytime soon, but I'm sold on this retro look. 

Make like Boynton and apply the colour just to the outer corners of your eyes, smudging along your lower lash line and leaving the inner section of your eye bare.

Baker mixes this natural body oil with foundation for a sheer base before setting things down with a powder foundation for a matte '50s finish.


Best Lucy Boynton Beauty: Lucy at Oscars 2019



Inspired by the glamour of Grace Kelly and the colours of a rose garden in bloom, Boynton's Oscars look was perfectly pretty in pink. 

This is the blusher used on Boynton's cheeks to deliver that petal pink pop of colour.

Not only does this innovative spray deliver a mirror-like shine to your hair, it can be used to add a brilliant glow to your body too—perfect if you're wearing an off-the-shoulder number like Boynton.


Best Lucy Boynton Beauty: Lucy wearing graphic feline eyeliner



Taking the feline flick to the next level, Baker took inspiration from kitten ears to create this cute graphic take on eyeliner for Boynton's pre-BAFTAs party look.

The name says it all with this product. A foolproof felt tip liner for effortless winged eyeliner.

Creamy yet long-lasting, this lipstick meshes with your lips for a matte, cool-girl finish.

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