Low-Slung Jeans Are Back, and This Is How to Wear Them in 2021

For many people, low-slung jeans are a relic of the noughties—a midriff-bearing silhouette favoured by the likes of Marissa Cooper and the members of the Sugar Babes. Over the last 20 years, along with skinny jeans, it has been slowly squeezed-out in favour of looser fits and '80s-inspired, high-waisted styles. So what's it doing on the feeds of Instagram's trend-setters in 2021? Well, I have been wondering the same thing. 

Now, let me make one thing clear from the start: Just because I have been sensing the most subtle changes of the tide when it comes to the preferred denim silhouette, it does not mean that all other jeans styles that have gone before are now obsolete. Just like skinny jeans aren't for "old" people (are you listening TikTokers?), I reject the notion that everyone must keep up with the latest design whim to possess good personal style. If you're anything like me, you'll be bored of the fashion hokey-cokey that declares certain things to be "in" or "out."

Back to the subject at hand: low-slung jeans. As with many of the throwback trends making a comeback this season, it has been suitably updated to feel a little fresher. The sightings of said style are few and far between, with the likes of Camille Charrierre and Lisa Folawiyo offering rare, yet undeniably chic, sightings. Dare I say it, they actually make me want to give the low-slung jeans a go.

Best low slung jeans



While you are most welcome to wear the look exactly how you want, I personally am really into slouchier trouser legs. I'm picturing a denim version of those classic 1940s men's tailored trousers (still with me?). It's a nonchalant look that will look fab paired with tailored separates: Think oversized blazers and shirts. And while it would certainly work for smart cocktail attire (see my Issey Miyake outfit below), I think a casual chunky sandal or square-toe flat will make for an ideal shoe pairing. 

If you're in need of a little inspiration, I've put together four outfits that will hopefully give you a starting point. But then again, if you wish to remain a high-waisted devotee then you do you, but if you're anything like me, you might enjoying mixing things up a bit. Scroll down to see and shop my outfits. 

1. Low-Slung Straight-Leg Jeans + Jazzy Shirt + Cowboy Boots

2. Low-Slung Wide-Leg Jeans + Tank Top + Leather Blazer

3. Low-Slung Slim Jeans + Statement Top + Kitten Heels

4. Bleached Low-Slung Jeans + Waistcoat + Cage Sandals

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