Loungewear Buys That Will Make the Christmas Break Even Better

I'm not sure exactly where the term originated, but I've recently been informed that the funny little week between Christmas and New Year actually has a very specific name. Apparently it's called Crimbo Limbo, and to be honest, I've never heard a more apt title.

Exactly as the name implies, Crimbo Limbo represents the period when many of us are out of the office and have an abundance of free time on our hands. It usually results in spending an unusual amount of time huddled up on the sofa, generally accompanied by fellow family members, loved ones and a whole lot of post-Christmas leftovers. As a week, it provides the perfect opportunity for many of us to have some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Given its reputation as one of the laziest weeks of the year, it would make sense that your attire reflect the same laid-back notion. And while it's perfectly fine to laze around the house in your favourite PJs all week, we've found some equally comfortable loungewear that you could actually leave the house and run to the supermarket in. Who said comfort had to result in a lack of style?

From cashmere joggers to luxe knit jumpers, keep scrolling for 20 loungewear items that will keep you very comfy throughout the Christmas break.

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Opening Image: @alexachung