9 Milan Fashion Week Looks You'll See on Magazine Covers ASAP

Sometimes, when you're sat absorbed in a runway show and not Instagramming like a loon, you can instantly see which pieces are going to be hits. But there are different kinds of hits: retail smashes, street style booms, red carpet wonders, and the looks that are just so visually arresting that it'd be rude for fashion stylists and magazine editors to not put them on the covers of their publications.

This past Milan Fashion Week has provided a bounty of options for the first autumn/winter 2016 issues. Italian designers have signalled a brave new mood with a triumphant riot of colours, prints, shapes, thrown-together styling (don't be fooled by the effect, this kind of construction takes experts weeks to master) and myriad reference points. Eclecticism is at the very core of the season's collections—whether we're talking about established fashion houses (Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi) or rising Milanese stars (Marco de Vincenzo, Stella Jean, Lorenzo di Serafini at Philosophy). 

So out comes our crystal ball. Here we predict the catwalk outings that will be coming to a magazine stand (and probably a fashion week wardrobe) near you very soon…