My Whole Team Dislikes Logo T-Shirts Unless They're Like This

Logo T-shirts don't always bring out the best in our wardrobes. They can be gaudy. They say you've got money to spend on a designer T-shirt and you want everyone to know about it. Yes, it's a little gauche. But when I asked the rest of the Who What Wear team how they felt about the trend? The answer was a resounding no. Why? For all the reasons stated above.

Personally, I've always been quite attached to the logo T-shirt. The sister of the slogan variety, it's a nifty way to represent a brand you love. However, I can see how others might be turned off. The out-there nature of the tees means that those minimalists (and nu-minimalists) out there will happily avoid them in favour of more simple and basic tops. In the past, logo tees were bold and brash, but recently the tide has changed.

best logo t-shirts: guest at london fashion week wearing a logo t-shirt



Not only have the brands who are known for their big, bold logos—such as Gucci and Versace—produced simple (and dare I say elegant?) logo T-shirts, but more minimalistic brands are jumping on board. From the likes of Jil Sander to Acne as well as A.P.C., there are plenty around right now that appeal to those who prefer a more pared-back version. And if you want a great way to wear them, simply grab your favourite pair of blue jeans and a blazer and you're all set. Ready to see the best around right now? Keep scrolling for our edit of the best logo T-shirts.

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