These Linen Pieces Will Instantly Give You That Summer Feeling

Spending so much time indoors has resulted in several things. I'm doing more dishwasher loads than ever before, actually reading recipe books and dreaming of past summers. And the one item that instantly gives you that summer feeling (whether indoors or on a beach)? Linen. I've even noticed many people are wearing summery linen items to bring a holiday vibe to their sofa. There are four items, in particular, that look best in linen blends, and that's a linen shirt, linen trousers, linen short and, of course, a linen summer dress.

Linen is a notoriously tricky fabric for retailers because it has the habit of looking like a crumpled mess in no time, but over the past few summers, fashion buyers are going back to it like it's an ex-partner who's promised they've changed. With a return to raw, natural fabrics like raffia and hemp, the slight crinkle can have a lovely charm. You will want a steamer or iron on hand though for the mornings, of course.

Keep scrolling to see the four linen items that we think are easiest to style.

Linen Shirts

Linen Trousers

Linen Shorts

Linen Dresses

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