Jeggings and Leggings: What's Acceptable Now?

Blame it on Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Blame it on athleisure. Blame it on our ultimate desire for comfort and fashionability… Whatever you think the resurgence of jeggings and leggings is down to, there's no doubt about it: These stretchy trousers are back in town and just a few days ago a jegging-clad Kendall breezing through L.A., healthy juice in hand, confirmed it once and for all.



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The Jenner/Hadid/Kardashian crew always stays on the right side of chic thanks to their knack for cherry-picking the best fabrications: Shop for a firm, high-tech jean jegging or jersey legging and you have yourself an infinitely flattering, versatile pair of pants. Choose something flimsy and likely to lose its suction power and stretch, and you're on the right path for flashing your knickers in public. Our sources tell us to never go above 2% elastane when it comes to denim leggings.

So this is not a shopping department where we would encourage scrimping despite the many cut-price versions on offer. If you're a girl who likes to wear these streamlined leggings and jeggings on the regular and out in public, then make a wise investment and pick up a pair that go the distance. Scroll through the gallery to see the most flattering leggings and jeggings to buy now…

Do you feel like you want to revisit this trend? Or never again? Let us know in the comments box below…

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