London's Chicest Personal Trainers Confirm These Are the Best Leggings

There are so many gym leggings out there that it can be tricky to know which ones are actually worth investing in. If you're looking to upgrade your gym kit, we've turned to some of the most stylist trainers we know from across London's Frame studios to find out the stretchy pants they genuinely work out in every single day. Plus, we asked whether more expensive exercise leggings really do make a difference to your training. 

Scroll below to see what seven of Frame's Pilates, yoga, fitness and dance instructors wear to work out every single day.

Corinne Naomi, Pilates and Fitness Instructor 

Best leggings for the gym: Corinne Naomi pilates instructor

Corinne's go-to leggings:

"I love Sweaty Betty leggings because they always have really funky, colourful and bright leggings in its collection that make me feel feminine (something that I do not usually feel with this job). There are often reversible leggings in the range, which is great for when you want to switch up your look, especially if you need to tone down the colour for a more smart-casual look throughout your day."

How much she thinks you need to spend:

"To be completely honest, you do not need to spend a lot on leggings in this day and age. You can bag yourself a decent pair for £20 to £40, if you really want. If your mind is not in the game, then not even gold-plated leggings will help you. Despite saying this, I have to admit that when buying leggings from a more expensive brand you know your leggings will be of high quality and will carry you through the sweat, blood and tears of your session. The worst thing is to be training and to have to be constantly pulling up your leggings or feeling self-conscious about flashing your underwear to the world due to the transparency (so distracting). I have never been let down by Sweaty Betty, which is why it's my go-to brand."

Amy Desenberg, Pilates Instructor

Best leggings for the gym: Amy Desenberg pilates instructor

Amy's go-to leggings:

"In my opinion All Fenix is brilliant—the fit is delicious (like a glove), the materials are great and the fabrics are fun. I literally live in workout gear, so these are a must for me!"

How much she thinks you need to spend: 

"It really depends on what it is you want out of your leggings. If it's longevity, then sometimes spending a bit more means you get more wear out of them, but then that isn't always true depending on the brand. For me, because fitness is my passion and my job, I definitely invest in my kit, but that doesn't mean you always have to drop a bomb for a good pair of leggings. You could easily spend anywhere between £50 to £180 on a pair of leggings, depending on the designer. But that's the beautiful thing about leggings: The options are endless, and you can really get what you want for the price you want if you look hard enough."

Cat Meffan, Yoga Instructor

Best leggings for the gym: Cat Meffan

Cat's go-to leggings:

"I love so much about Alo leggings. The material has just the right amount of compression for me, they offer high- and low-waisted styles and the designs and colours are pretty much always awesome."

How much she thinks you need to spend:

"I don't think there is a set price, as I have leggings that cost me £30 that are just as great as a pair that cost me £90. I think it comes down to what you can afford to spend and finding the best brand that fits within your budget."

Emily-Clare Hill, Yoga Instructor

Best leggings for the gym: Emily-Clare Hill

Emily's go-to leggings:

"I always work out in Lululemon leggings because they are my absolute fave! As women, we can sometimes feel vulnerable even though our body hasn't changed at all; Lululemon leggings really lift me in and smooth out any lumps and bumps whilst looking fashionable en route to and from the studio."

How much she thinks you should spend:

"I think spending too much on leggings is silly—we are just working out in them, right? But that being said, if you have a few pricier pairs, I do find they last forever whilst I've only managed a few wears out of others I've had on the cheaper end of the spectrum."

Gede Foster, Barre, Fitness and Dance Instructor

Best leggings for the gym: Gede Foster



Gede's go-to leggings:

"I love the MYF collection—every aspect of an active lifestyle has been thought of in the design stage. They are feminine, elegant cuts that flatter all shapes and they are the perfect class-to-street leggings, so there's no need to overpack my bag with a second outfit if I'm going to meet anyone for dinner or drinks post class. They have chosen great materials too that have my back (or, to be specific, my booty)—there's no see-through bum in yoga or when you stretch at the end of class!"

How much she thinks you need to spend:

"A good pair of leggings is about £50 to £70. It may seem a lot, but it is well worth investing if you like to workout. All of mine work hard for their money and they never fail me and they wash really well. There are cheaper leggings on the market, but I find they go bobbly, start to go see-through with washes or get a bit loose. You can't beat quality, and actually they save you money in the long run as they have a longer life."

Katarina Rayburn, Yoga Instructor 

Katarina's go-to leggings:

"Manduka uses fabrics made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and/or plant-based material. So they're kinder to the earth and feel great on your body."

How much she thinks you need to spend:

"I think it is definitely worth investing for a great pair—I would say around £45 for a good all-round pair of leggings."

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