It Took Me Years to Wear Leather Trousers, But I'm Glad I've Finally Done It

If you were to peek inside my wardrobe, you'd find countless dresses, a plethora of pretty skirts and a collection of jumpers so vast that the fact I'm a native Scot is the only thing that makes it justifiable. However, there's one item that's notably absent: trousers. Aside from the occasional pair of jeans, I've largely let most trouser trends pass me by. The combination of having bigger thighs and hips in relation to my small waist and having a teeny 28-inch inseam, I've long assumed that finding pairs that suit my shape is akin to stumbling across the holy grail. It just doesn't happen. For the most part, I've never felt like I've missed out. But every winter, I get pangs of longing when I see people wear the coolest stride style of them all: leather trousers.

Cosy, chic and grown-up in equal measure, there's no denying the appeal of leather trousers. As someone who always overdresses, I know they'd fit in seamlessly with my arsenal of silk, satin and velvet. However, as they're often found in spray-on form, I've never quite worked up the courage to try them on. At least, that was the case until I spotted the new silhouettes on offer.

From flares and wide-leg culottes to high-waist and straight cuts, 2018 is the year leather trousers proved they go way beyond skinnies. Now, with so many pairs at my disposal, I'm officially a convert. Much like Lucy Williams, I've opted for black cropped kick-flares (the Topshop pair below, in fact), which effortlessly balance out my curvy frame, and we're very happy together. So now, to help you find your leather trouser soulmate, I've rounded up the best leather trousers to suit every style and budget. Keep scrolling and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Cropped kick flares are perfect for petite frames. 

These cream strides will look gorgeous paired with khaki and rust hues. 

Wear these tan trousers with black suede boots for a chic contrast. 

Offset the sexy lace fastening with a prim button-down blouse. 

If making a statement is on your sartorial agenda, then look no further than these metallic leather trews. 

Burgundy makes for a sophisticated alternative to classic black trousers. 

The flared silhouette is flattering on just about every body type.

Only Gucci could make us covet red leather trousers. 

Wear these metallic trousers with a flounced blouse and bed hair—it's what Marant would want. 

Swap your denim skinnies for these leather numbers. 

Just think how beautiful these navy-blue leather trousers will look with a powder-blue jumper

The gold popper detailing on these trousers make them feel all the more luxe.

The neutral hue of these trousers means they'll go with just about everything in your wardrobe. 

Make these trousers work for the office by wearing them with a crisp white shirt and suede courts. 

Paired with a blazer and Vejas, these will fast become your go-to weekend attire. 

Wide-leg trousers are one of the most flattering styles you can own. 

These leather trousers look so much more expensive than their price tag. 

Now that you've found your leather-trouser soul mate, let's get to work finding the ankle boots to go with them…

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