It Took Me Years to Wear Leather Trousers, But I'm Glad I've Finally Done It

If you were to peek inside my wardrobe, you'd find countless dresses, a plethora of pretty skirts and a collection of jumpers so vast that the fact I'm a native Scot is the only thing that makes it justifiable. However, there's one item that's notably absent: trousers.

Aside from the occasional pair of jeans, I've largely let most trouser trends pass me by. The combination of having bigger thighs and hips in relation to my small waist and having a teeny 28-inch inseam, I've long assumed that finding pairs that suit my shape is akin to stumbling across the holy grail. It just doesn't happen.

For the most part, I've never felt like I've missed out. But then, every winter, I get pangs of longing when I see people wear the coolest stride style of them all: leather trousers.

Now that you've found your leather-trouser soulmate, let's get to work finding the ankle boots to go with them…