Choosing a Laptop Case Is So Hard—Why?

We may now have endless office-friendly midi heels, top tailoring go-tos and more cool shirt brands than you can shake a biro at, but ask a chic working girl to show you her laptop case and she may decline. Because it's highly unlikely to be reflective of her style. Prada bag, nada to say about the tech sleeve.

It's the one day-to-day essential that is yet to be mastered across the fashion markets, but it is so very important. Buy one of those black scuba-foam zip ups and you feel like a business man. Opt for something wacky and it doesn't exactly spell out I'm in control here. Some are insanely expensive. Some are worryingly cheap. It's a tech-related fashion minefield and one that we want to help you—and ourselves—navigate successfully.

As a woman who now needs to tote a MacBook Air everywhere I go, this search became a personal cross to bear. How can there be so many great phone cases out there and yet so little on offer for your (marginally) bigger pieces of equipment? I searched high and low to find the best possible options available now, but designers, if you are listening, please start catering to the discerning busy girl more often!

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