Gucci and Your Grandpa Have This Spring Trend in Common

Cycling shorts, thong sandals, cargo trousers—we've lost track of the number of "unexpected" fashion trends that have transcended to become the height of cool, but even we couldn't predict that this retro item would make an appearance for spring 2020.

Knitted vests have made a major comeback thanks to the likes of Gucci and Burberry, who made the preppy top a firm fixture on the runway. Now, the formerly fuddy-duddy knit has started to crop up in the outfits of favourite influencers.

Of course, you can borrow styling techniques from your Grandpa by pairing them with a button-down shirt, but the sartorially savvy seem to be mimicking Chandler Bing by layering theirs over simple T-shirts. 

Keep scrolling to see how fashion girls are wearing the throwback buy. Then go on to shop the best knitted vests of spring 2020.

Best Knitted Vests: Ada Oguntodu


Ada Oguntodu

Ada ups the preppy ante of her knitted vest by styling it with checked trousers, bright socks, and heeled loafers. 

Alyssa gives her oversize knitted vest an edgy overhaul with the addition of bleached jeans and studded shoes. 

Eni's floral vest makes for the ideal spring knitwear update. Just add white denim. 

Best Knitted Vests: Maria Bernad


Maria Bernad

Of course, María has matched her natty Gucci knit with a pair of grass-green boots. 


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