6 Pairs of Kitten Heels You Can Wear All Day, Every Day

Kitten heels are the much-maligned shoe of the fashion set, but like all no-nos, a time comes when a style 180 swoops into play and we wonder why we had been so hard on the item in question.

The low stiletto has been slowly but surely weaving its way back into favour: Céline's V-neck versions have spawned an entire generation of leg-lengthening styles, and with directional designers now offering something above and beyond the average office-bound court shoe, it's no wonder that even the most ardent skyscraper lovers are adjusting to the idea of this wearable option. They're basically the ultimate find for busy girls.

Thanks to this increase in popularity, there is now a wildly tempting pack of kitten heels on offer, so scroll down to see six of our favourite pairs that you can wear 24/7 and feel completely fashionable in.