11 Kimonos That Suddenly Make Every Pair of Jeans 100% More Chic

If 2017 has taught us anything it's that we haven't met a kimono we didn't like. The loose jacket hasn't always been in fashion but recently, much in part to Zara's epic selection and Attico's deluxe versions, there hasn't been a street styler spotted without one. And the best way to wear it? With jeans, of course. While they look great over dresses and cool over shirts, our preference is still with denim. 



Style du Monde

Throw a kimono over any pair of jeans and instantly your outfit looks 100% more chic. Not only that, with the colder weather here, it's a great way to layer and keep warmer. Ready to check out our pick of the best? Keep scrolling for the kimonos we can't get enough of...