8 Jewelry Hacks That Will Change Your Life

From fun, punchy statement pieces to special personal heirlooms, there’s something to be said about the power of your jewelry to make an outfit uniquely yours. And for every fashion girl who is as attached to her trinkets as we are, it’s imperative to know the best ways to give your jewels the right TLC to keep them shining for years to come. For that, we’ve rounded up the best jewelry hacks we’ve learned over the years. Keep reading to see what they are!

Cut and wrap a piece of paper around your finger at home, marking the spot where the paper meets. Then, measure the strip with a ruler and follow our chart to determine your ring size.

Avoiding excessively shiny or flimsy pieces makes bargain pieces look more expensive.

Common household products can make for the best jewelry cleaners. Other go-to cleansers include club soda, vodka, and white vinegar.

Take jewelry off and away from these three culprits to prevent the finish from discoloring.

Consider this French girl–approved solution the quickest way to brighten up your jewels.

The secret to traveling with your necklaces safe and sound.

Ban that messy jewelry box by keeping everything organized and within eyesight.

Apply the lubricant, slip through the knot, and sprinkle the powder to help pull chains apart.

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