How to Ace All of the Latest Jean Trends in Your 30s

Shopping for jeans can be a fashion minefield. Every season (every month, even!) brings with it new shapes, finishes and colours. We’re constantly being told what styles are in and out—bootcuts are out, cropped flares are in—then along comes the “girlfriend” jeans to confuse us even more. Peg, shrunken, slouchy… The list of silhouettes goes on—and that’s before we’ve even started to tackle the new hemline details and rules.

Seeing as denim is a huge part of our style uniform and it isn’t something we want to stop experimenting with just because we aren’t in our 20s anymore, we thought we’d talk about how you can approach the latest jean trends with confidence. It’s difficult to decide what to go for and what to let pass by. We try to stay on trend when updating our jeans every season but are old enough and wise enough to know that not all styles are designed for us.

We investigated the must-have jeans this season in order to find the best fits and work out how to style them when you’re past the desire to wear everything with a crop top…