18 Editor-Approved Jeans From Topshop, Arket and Marks and Spencer

If you surveyed the entire population of the UK, I would hazard a guess that the most worn item of clothing would be jeans. Though a relative newcomer in the long history of fashion, over the last century, denim has gone from a hard-wearing, cowboy-clad staple to one of the most democratising and widely embraced items of clothing in the contemporary wardrobe.

Many people, no matter how indifferent they are to fashion, will have a preference as to how they want their jeans to fit and where they buy them from. It's one of those things that varies from person to person but is also a notoriously difficult thing to get right. That's where we come in.

We can't dictate one style for everyone (only you can know your non-negotiables), but we have found that certain brands seem to ace it in the denim stakes season after season. While you can spend infinite amounts of money on jeans, many of our go-to brands sit in the high-street camp. Topshop, Arket and Marks and Spencer (yes really) came out top in our brief survey of the office and were generally applauded for their variety of fits, quality and price.

So to save you many hours of scrolling, we've rounded up the best jeans from these three high street heroes. From skinnies to straight legs, scroll down to see our pick of the best.



Marks and Spencer

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