Tiny Waist, Curvy Rear? These Are the Jeans for You

Shopping for jeans isn’t easy for anyone—our bodies are all so different that it’s tough to find a truly perfect pair straight off the rack. That’s where having a great tailor comes in handy, but it also helps to know which brands best fit you, requiring only a little tailoring if any at all.

I find my body type particularly tough to shop for: I have skinny legs and a small waist but a more pronounced butt than most people expect. This means that most jeans I try on are either too big in the waist or too tight in the rear. But after plenty of trial and error, I’ve finally learned which brands and styles are ideal for me (and other women with this dilemma).

To save you all those extra trips to the fitting room (or the endless online returns), I’m sharing my favourites for this body type, below. Keep scrolling to discover the best jeans for women with a small waist and curvy rear.

Girlfriend jeans are a great option for girls like us, as they offer a little more room in the butt/thigh area but aren’t as roomy as their boyfriend counterparts. Try this studded pair from Isabel Marant.

Cropped flare shapes can be particularly flattering on us, especially on days when we want to minimise our behinds, as the exaggerated lower cut distracts from other proportions. But sometimes their waists are too wide, a problem this M.i.h pair avoids.

Fact: J Brand makes great jeans for girls like us across the board, as they tend to stretch easily in all the right places without ever looking strained. This high-rise pair is particularly flattering since it sits at the natural (and thus smaller) waist.

Levi’s, like J Brand, is another great brand for us across the board. They’re so well made that they retain their waist (seen here in my beloved high-rise) while still providing enough stretch in the rear to be comfortable.

The Joni jeans from Topshop are super flattering but also these ones come with an interesting button detail at the front, drawing attention away from the back. 

As previously mentioned, cropped flares are a great choice, and these cult-favourite Rachel Comeys are a match made in heaven. Their waist sits higher than most and is smaller as a result; meanwhile, everything beneath that is just a tad roomier than most flares. Match made in heaven.

Uniqlo has body type down to a science, the result of which is the Ultra Stretch series. Despite their lower price tag, these jeans last forever, providing the perfect amount of stretch in the rear without looking, well, stretched out. If your waist is on the extra-small side, you may need these tailored, but I promise it’s worth it.

I couldn’t round this out without including my go-to pair, these Rag & Bone crop flares. They’re high-waisted but not too high that they feel like a major statement, allowing for more room in the rear while staying perfectly slim and polished in the leg.

Next up, the best way to dress up your jeans so you don’t get bored. 

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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