All the Instagram Poses That Are New to Our Feeds in 2018

On Instagram, our feeds quickly become flooded with trends that seemingly came from nowhere—this doesn't just apply to logo T-shirts, green velvet sofas and avo on toast. It's not just about what we're wearing but quite literally how we choose to stand while wearing these clothes. In the Instagram era, posing is no longer just about one hand on a hip or doing a slight foot cross, as influencers' "outfit of the day" pictures are so acrobatic that they can occasionally mirror the things you do in the gym. Keep scrolling to see the six poses that are in every Instagrammer's arsenal in 2018.

1. The Sink Arabesque

The shoefie has now become so much more acrobatic, as we keep noticing influencers taking a picture of their new shoes by resting one leg up on a sink. Just be careful not to accidentally turn that tap on with your foot.

2. The Changing Room Squat

How to do the OOTD mirror selfie in 2018? Show off your gym skills by squatting—your camera is closer to your feet, making this another way to draw attention to your new boots.

3. Close-Up

According to our intel, many of the most popular Instagram fashion pictures crop out the face and focus on the details of your T-shirt or your blazer. The logic here is that then people are more likely to imagine themselves wearing that T-shirt.

4. The Curb Crouch

Best Instagram Poses:


ASOS Lesley

Another popular pose in 2018 is to sit on the side of the curb and try to make it look as relaxed as possible. Don't try this on a road with actual traffic.

5. Sneakerhead Squat

Instagram pictures of chunky trainers tend to all have this same distinctive squat pose.


Maybe it started with the faux paparazzo Vetements campaign, maybe not, but there's a wave of hands up to the camera right now. The irony!

Now that we've told you, you'll spot these on your daily scroll.

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