I've Tried So Many Huda Beauty Products, But These 14 Are Worth Your Money

Despite my job as a beauty writer, doing a full face of makeup has never been my strong suit. An intricate, trend-led hairstyle or a complex skincare routine, yes, but a YouTube-worthy makeup tutorial? My dexterity ends there it seems. This is why, initially, beauty guru Huda Kattan’s product line didn’t seem like it would be for the likes of me. The collection of full-coverage foundations, intensely matte lipsticks and jewel-coloured eye shadow palettes looked great online, but at first glance, I just couldn't comprehend how to make these trending products work in real life. However, it's no exaggeration to say that Huda Beauty now takes up a huge chunk of my makeup collection. From ingenious base products to essentials for eyes and lips, there are some true holy-grail products in there that I would be devastated if the brand discontinued. 

Best Huda Beauty Products: Keeks Reid wearing FauxFilter foundation



Keeks wearing #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Liquid Foundation in Mocha.

If you’ve been intrigued by Huda Beauty too but haven't been sure where to start, then take this as my guide to the best Huda Beauty products to try now. Trust me—they all have a permanent place in my makeup bag.


Best Huda Beauty Products: Keeks swears by this base products



This mist is a three-in-one wonder. You can use it in between your last skincare step and first base product to prime, set your makeup or simply to refresh it throughout the day. The mist is really fine, so it doesn’t feel like you’re blasting your face as you spray. I also love to use this to wet my eye shadow brushes if I’m using a metallic eye shadow and want to create a really pigmented finish.

Do full-coverage foundations scare you a little? Me too. Especially when they’re matte, as I worry the result is going to make my skin look flat and cakey. This couldn’t be further from the finish of this reformulated foundation. The coverage is buildable (I start with one pump and blend outwards from the middle of my face), and the finish is luminous and satiny. Plus, with 39 shades, you’re almost certain to find an exact match.

I don’t “bake” my undereye area—that’s when you apply a thick layer of powder and let it sit for a little while before dusting it away to reveal ultra-bright skin—but this is one of my favourite powders for simply setting my concealer. There are five stretchable shades, and I use the yellow-toned offering, Kunafa, as it brightens as it sets. The powder is finely milled and blends seamlessly into the skin.

The name says it all, really. This concealer is what I reach for if I don’t want to do a full base but I need to hide dark circles and cover up hyperpigmentation. Basically, it does it all. The metal tip applicator feels so soothing under the eyes and helps to de-puff too, but the best thing is that it doesn't crease.

You know those days when your skin just looks a bit… lacklustre? This bronzer-contour hybrid (hence the name) livens up your complexion but looks really natural. Because it’s a cream formula, it doesn’t look like it’s just sitting on top of the skin but creates the effect that the glow is coming from within. The colours are pretty deep and pigmented, so for my complexion, I use the shade Medium. I swirl a bronzer brush in it, wipe off any excess and then gently sweep it across my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.


Best Huda Beauty Products: Keeks wearing Huda Beauty eyeshadow



For winged-liner pros, the liquid in this duo is so inky-black that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a smoother liner. If you're more of a newbie to liner, then the kohl is creamy and blendable too—perfect for a quick smoky eye look with no skills required.

When it comes to mascara, there are people who want volume, and there are people who want length. Luckily, this mascara caters to both with its unique double-ended wand: One side provides curl and length, and the other offers standout volume.

This is an amped-up neutral palette that can create basically any brown eye look you want. This is the deepest colour palette in the brand’s Brown Obsessions range, so if you want paler shades, opt for Toffee Brown or Caramel, which are both equally pleasing.

I truly believe this is my essence in palette form. The mix of warm mattes, shimmers and glitters means that you can create a variety of easy looks. In fact, it's so easy that I rarely use a brush with these shadows—just my fingers. My favourite shade is Passion, which is a chromatic shade-shifter that looks different from various angles. So cool.

When it comes to brows, I’m more of a pen kind of girl, but this has helped me fall in love with brow pencils again. The nib is really fine, so the strokes look realistic and you aren’t at risk of any chunky lines. Don’t wind up the nib too much, though, as it’ll snap!


Best Huda Beauty Products: Keeks wearing Silk Balm



Wearing Silk Balm.

I always use this to define my lips when I’m doing a '90s-inspired brown-lip look, and it stays put long after my lipstick has disappeared. A hue like Sandy Beige works well for lighter skin tones.  

To give my lips a little more dimension, I love adding this on top of a neutral-brown shade to amplify the colurs. The texture is silky not sticky, and it’s definitely more of a gloss than a balm, but it does feel hydrating.

I honestly don't think I've seen this lipstick look bad on anyone. It's a truly universal red. It's also an inoffensive texture of matte lipstick. It's creamy, it skips on shine and it doesn't smudge.

Although I’m more of a gloss fan, these liquid mattes are great, as they dry down matte without making your lips feel too dried out—perfect for mask-wearing.

Up next, these are the best under-eye concealers to help disguise dark circles.