I Refuse to Buy Another Coat Unless It Has This Key Ingredient

"Go back upstairs and change, young lady." That sentence served as the soundtrack of my teenage years, and not because I dressed provocatively. Rather, I always seemed to miss the weather-appropriate mark. If it was hot, chances are I layered that day. Cold? I likely left my coat at school claiming I was warm enough only to arrive home, teeth chattering. Thankfully I've since overcome my inability to gauge what to wear for different seasons, and now, to my mother's delight, I'm one of those people who likes to be sartorially prepared at all times. And at this time of year, that calls for one thing: a hooded coat.

Once reserved for raincoats and little else, hoods have been cropping up on all sorts of sophisticated cover-ups lately. This makes me happy for two reasons: For one, they're significantly cosier than non-hooded outwear. Secondly, they cancel out the need for bulky brollies which will inevitably turn inside out upon the first gust of wind. Modelled in everything from rich wool to velvet, even classic camel coats now come with hoods built in.

Best Hooded Coats for Women: This street styler rocks her rust coat with a tonal ensemble.


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Don't just take my word for it, though—see them for yourselves. Keep scrolling to discover the best hooded coats that strike the perfect balance between chic and practical. If nothing else, just think how happy your mum will be when you turn up wearing one next time you visit.

If you can't be trusted with light clothing, you'll be pleased to hear this Gucci frock coat comes in black, too.

The longline length removes any school-girl connotations. 

So versatile. You'll get so much wear out of this neutral number. 

This is one of the softest faux-fur coats we've tried.

As chic as hooded coats come.

Burgundy always makes for a chic alternative to classic black.

Try clashing this coat with a pair of pinstripe trousers. 

The A-line silhouette makes this coat ideal for layering.

Trust Marni to make us covet a Technicolor raincoat.

Pull the drawstring hem to cinch in the heat. 

Is it just us, or are duffle coats making a major comeback?

Satisfy your print urges with this snake-emblazoned puffa.

Give your biker a seasonal upgrade with this luxe leather coat.

Need even more protection from the rain? Check out these rainy-day look for extra inspiration... 

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