Every Spring, I Buy an Affordable Dress From This Store, and I Never Regret It

There are plenty of places to shop on the high street, but when it comes to finding a range of the best and most stylish dresses, I tend to turn to one place: H&M. The high-street store has a high turnover of product, so you'll find a great range of different pieces weekly, and you can find some real steals when it comes to frocks. Whether you're shopping for a new office look for the summer or a wedding guest dress, there are some gorgeous pieces. 

Best H and M Dresses


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Currently, I've got my eye on nine frocks that will last me the whole of the summer (and beyond). From a Gen Z yellow midi to a short, pink mini that will work for holiday, I strongly urge you to not overlook this dress mecca. Keep scrolling for my picks.

For weddings, for picnics, for barbecues: I will be wearing this dress at every opportunity I get. 

That star-pattern trend is still going. 

So pretty—definitely one to save for that fancy country wedding you've got coming up. 

To be worn with a great tan and red lipstick. 

This has a flamenco vibe about it. 

This one is for those obsessed with French style

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