Why You Should Know What Each High-Street Store Does Best

Remember when Saturday afternoons were made for spending your pocket money? You’d gather your girl gang, traipse endlessly around your local shopping centre or high street, and treat yourself to an Extra Value Meal at McDonalds. It was a formula that needed no adjustment. Back then, shopping never made you weary or frustrated; you relished every single queue for the changing room, every discovery, every new purchase.

Nowadays, who has the time for this weekly ritual? Shopping is something that many of us prefer as a solo pursuit, only sending a quick changing room selfie to our grown-up posse on WhatsApp in moments of serious hesitation. 

Speed is of the essence in our hectic lives, so a streamlined approach to shopping pays off. Rather than starting from scratch every time you’re in need of a specific item, it helps to have a plan of attack and knowing the forte of each of the shops that line our high streets is a good place to start.

Which is why we’ve compiled this handy guide. Sure, there are certain stores you might not assume are very ‘you’, but you’re missing out on their secret arsenals of jewellery, jackets and lingerie as a consequence.

As borderline professional shoppers, we’ve come to know what our most popular retailers excel at every season. So check out our tops picks and take notes—you’ll thanks us next time you need a showstopping dress or a luxe-looking handbag.