Gone in 60 Seconds? These New High-Street Pieces Are Just Too Good

The best high-street buys of spring/summer 2017 are—no word of a lie—going to blow your mind a little bit. We don't like to fling hyperbole around on a daily basis, but affordable fashion has never looked so good. And that's really down to one key thing: Each store has realised that more is required of them than simply copying and pasting looks from the runway in cheap iterations.

The market is a highly competitive one, and each brand needs to have an identity and a purpose. You need to know that you're going to Topshop or Kurt Geiger or Mango for something in particular. Whether it's the store's slant on a trend (for example, Mango's particularly good for a more minimal take on any given look) or that it's bucking the idea of following fashion and creating its own aesthetic (think of Finery or COS), there's never been a better time to shop on a budget.

From the items that have been repeatedly restocked and are now coming back in new colourways (see the Monsoon Victoriana blouse) to the fresh finds that reportedly have generated so much consumer interest that they are predicted to fly out almost instantly, we tapped our inside high-street sources to bring you a definitive edit of what's important now.

So keep going through the gallery to see the best high-street pieces of S/S 17—and don't wait for them to sell out!