I Usually Buy Expensive Shoes, But I Think These 23 High-Street Pairs Are Great


ILLUSTRATION: @yegaillustrations

I think it’s important to be picky about high street shoes. The fact is better-quality shoes last longer, feel more comfortable and tend to look better. Really cheap shoes are most likely to be poorly manufactured, prone to falling apart and lacking in the important details that make a design look flattering and elegant: one of my pet peeves about some high street shoes is that the toes look like they turn up at the end—it’s a dead giveaway.

But I’m aware that not everyone is willing or able to save up for prices shoes that you get mended by a cobbler on repeat and that sometimes the easiest way to get an entirely new look and revitalise your old clothes is to buy affordable, stylish shoes. So, I’m a pretty reliable (read: fussy) source if you want quality footwear that don’t cost a fortune. Here are the autumn styles I would recommend...

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Opening Image: @katcollings