The 3 Single Best High-Street Pieces Our Editors Have Ever Bought

It's hard to know at the time of purchase whether you'll still be in love with an item in five years. It's an even more difficult task to predict whether your investment piece will indeed stand the test of time in a physical capacity. How many jumpers have bobbled into obscurity? How many trouser hems ruined with a stiletto? How many accidental 60-degree washes can one nice dress really bear?

Looking for longevity without being able to see into the future is not a superpower we possess, but we can analyse some of the most important data—aka the stats around our own wardrobes. So what with it being High Street Week here at Who What Wear UK, and with our minds more attuned than ever to making sensible decisions, we've delved into our closets to see which affordable items have lasted in order to shape our future endeavours.

Keep scrolling to see and shop the three best affordable pieces our team has ever bought—from Topshop basics to H&M gems—and get inspired below.