24 Pairs of Party Shoes No One Will Believe Came From the High Street

We believe in the power of shoes. After all, what other wardrobe essential can completely change the overall aesthetic of your outfit? A dress worn with trainers, for example, is instantly given a downtime spin. Well, the same applies for glamorous pairs.

Just imagine what the perfect pair of glittering heels or twinkling flats could do for your favourite, though somewhat tired, little black dress, or a simple jeans and blouse combination. This is why we think, if you invest in anything this party season, it should be a pair of shoes that'll make your existing wardrobe work harder for all those Christmas parties. And you know what? All of our favourite pairs we've found so far all have one thing in common—you'll find them on the high street. 

Best High Street Party Shoes: Monikh Dale wears a pair of rhinestone sandals from Topshop



Monikh Dale wears a pair of rhinestone sandals from Topshop.

Of course, there's no treat quite like a pair of designer shoes but after seeing the beautiful affordable styles on offer, we can't help feel the high street is leading the fancy footwear charge this season.

As such, from rhinestone detailing and leopard motifs to sumptuous velvet and high-shine metallic finishes, we've created an edit of the best high street party shoes that look so much more expensive than they actually are. Keep scrolling to see them for yourself...


These look so much more expensive than they actually are. 

A classic style to come back to year after year. 

These look like something Alexa Chung would absolutely wear. 

Is there anything more christmassy than red sparkles?

These Mango bestsellers are back, but they won't hang around for long. 

Platforms make for a more stable party shoe for dancing in. 

Because what's party season without a hearty helping of glitter? 

It's not just presents that are infinitely improved by bows. 

You had me at the words "velvet" and "bow". 

These practically scream Studio 54. 

The floral detail is a minimalistic take on embellishment. 

Metallic shades should always be considered at this time of year. 

Mary Jane flats never fail to look chic—particularly in velvet. 

Try pairing these bold heels with an equally bright pedicure. 

This gunmetal pair will go with every single shade. 

Embellishments are back on the going-out agenda. 

A cool alternative to the shiny footwear finishes. 

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