4 Fail-Safe Items to Buy on the High Street When You're Pregnant

Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger are industry experts who have been using their extensive fashion and beauty knowledge to create one of the most engaging mum-focused websites out there: This Is Mothership gives stylish but realistic advice on every imaginable topic. Here, Silver and Breger give their tips on how to style out the high street when you're pregnant.

The first time we were both pregnant, we were super excited about buying a whole new wardrobe to fit our ever-expanding bodies. That was then met with some disappointment as we struggled to find anything we loved from the small maternity selection we’d find in-store. This time around, we’ve approached it in a different light and realised that we don’t need to waste money on lots of maternity clothes; we just need to be inventive with our current wardrobe and make the most of the great British high street. Keep scrolling for This Is Mothership’s guide to how to style out the high street when pregnant.

Next up, see the mum wardrobe essentials that we know (from experience) are worth getting.

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