Editor Tested: High-Street Jeans That Look and Fit Like Expensive Pairs

As far as shopping experiences go, finding a great pair of jeans on the high street used to be tough. But over the past few years, there's been an influx of affordable styles, lengths and shapes that suit every body shape. It's no longer good enough that "cheap" jeans should feel cheap, so gone are the days of ill-fitting saggy pairs made of fabric that quickly wears away.

Seeing as I only have one body (and different figures suit different jeans), I decided to ask my female friends on Facebook and a few fashion insiders about the high-street jeans they consider to be the best. Almost unanimously, there was one £40 pair that many cited as being their favourite (we reckon you can probably guess their pick). However, there are a few other options I've included, as everyone's tastes can be different. Keep scrolling for your guide to the most popular pair of jeans on the high street.