Prediction: This £13 H&M Top Is Going to Cause Mass Hysteria

There are high-street buys and there are high-street buys. We specialise in the latter here at Who What Wear, and as the new season approaches, our favourite affordable stores have already just received (or are about to receive) their first batch of autumn/winter 2017 goods. The first drop is usually the best drop. It's the one where runaway successes are made in a blink of an eye, and you rue the day you didn't buy that pink M&S coat when you had the chance.

There's a great deal to sift through (and it's not all pretty), but that's where our team and know-how comes into play. We do the trawling and editing so you can just sit back, click a mouse and look fantastic before the cold weather even kicks in. From the new collaboration hitting John Lewis (you are going to pee your pants when you hear which designer has signed up—I almost did) to the Mango pieces that are already out of stock and due to be refilled any day now, plus one key bargain H&M buy that shouldn't be missed, these are the most impressive high-street pieces for autumn, and we've lined them up into one easy-to-shop list.

Stop reading, start looking: Here are the best high-street items to buy this season.