5 Low-Cost, High-Impact Accessories I'm About to Add to My Wardrobe

The high street can't be strong in every single area all of the time, but right now the most valuable area to shop has to be within the accessories department. And we're not just talking about bags and shoes here (although, guys, you HAVE to see the bags and shoes below), because at the moment more is more, and that means that our favourite affordable stores are having to step up the extras game like never before. Street style types aren't complete with their looks until a hair clip, some strappy sandals and gigantic pair of bonkers earrings has been added: This method is the fast-track to a unique personal style, even if your clothes are as simple as a navy jumper and jeans. 

So I trawled through all of my top haunts (Uterque for jewellery, Mango for shoes and so on) to bring you the best of the best…

1. Diamanté Shoes

I'm a magpie and thrilled to see that all of my favourite high street stores are indulging me. Crystals, gemstones and diamanté can be found studded over everything (from trouser hems to '80s-style earrings), but it's the sparkly shoes I like most.

These are already popular with the Insta set.

Very Mariah Carey circa 2005, and that's a good thing.

Very good with jeans and a jumper.

2. A Funky (As in Weird) Handbag

Best high street accessories: quirky handbags



From unusual fabrications (beaded/velvet/sequins/chainmail) through to mad detailing (plastic chain handles or crystal fringing, for example) bag designers are having a lot of fun right now. This breed of weird and wonderful bag can be easily found in charity and vintage stores—you just have to be bold in your choice.

In case you missed beaded bags in the summer, they're still going really strong.

3. Snaky Boots

Snake print is often one of those things that doesn't look incredibly different when expensive or affordable. In a neutral shade you can find a pair of boots that will last way beyond this initial trend explosion.

Enjoying the '90s heel and toe on these.

Possibly the most sophisticated you'll find on the high street.

If you like your ankle boots to come with extra detailing.

4. Insta-Earrings



Earrings are the new avocado-on-toast: My feed is FULL of them. And good ones, at that. Because big, fun, costume jewellery doesn't have to cost a fortune, it can be easy to get carried away, but try to select something that you know you'll be thrilled to still see in a years' time.

Wear with a black roll neck, ASAP.

Also good for next spring and summer.

5. Darling Hair Accessories

From pearl barettes to candy-coloured butterfly clips, hair accessories have experience such a return to fashion favour in 2018. The idea looks like it's set to power on through to the new year, so I'm finally committing. When your cold weather wardrobe feels drab, a happy hair clip will do wonderful things.

All the Scandi girls are wearing them.

Next up, your guide to the best leopard print coats.