The Jewellery Trend I've Been Thinking About Since February

Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve. It turns out that this season, it's all about wearing it on your ear, and unexpectedly, I'm very much into it. Though I'm usually highly reserved when it comes to my choice of bijou, jewellery is the trend I'm least likely to buy into. However, earlier this year, I was taken away for a fabulous nine hours in Paris where I fell in love, not with a French man who makes croissants but with a pair of earrings.

At the end of February, Mulberry invited me to come and see its autumn/winter 2018 collection in the City of Lights, and I said yes. (Or "OMG, are you serious?! Yes!" as my email history suggests.) Regardless, I found myself there, in the middle of Mulberry's showroom at 11 a.m. with a glass of wine in hand (It's France!), surrounded by some of the most beautiful clothing I've ever seen. All of a sudden, a fellow journalist squealed with delight and said, "Just look at those earrings!"

Like this accessory trend? You're going to love the £3 add-on currently spiking on Pinterest.

Opening Image: The Style Stalker