6 Handbags You Need in Your 20s, 30s, and Beyond

Let's just put it out there: In no way should your age actually influence your style. If you really love something, then, by all means, wear it. But like everything, there are certain looks that tend to be more popular among different generations. Alternatively, there are also specific items said to be worth investing in based on your age—especially when it comes to accessories like handbags. To help fill us in on the purse trends that are most noteworthy in various age groups, we tapped Elizabeth Jeffer, expert, and owner of NYC-based boutique Roztayger, to spill on the best handbag styles every woman should own at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and beyond.

Keep scrolling to check out the best handbag style you should have in your closet based on your age (note we stopped this at 70s, but the list could, of course, go on). Plus, shop each find as well. And if you find a trend you love more in a different group, go for it and scoop that up too.

20s: Perfect Clutch

"When you are in your 20s, you are most likely out being social after work. You need a bag to take you from office to cocktails. Clutches that double as pouches by Anne Grand-Clément, for example, suits that purpose perfectly." — Elizabeth Jeffer

30s: Classic Tote

"In your 30s, you are possibly climbing up the ladder and focusing on your career path or getting into your child-rearing years. A beautiful classic tote in a timeless silhouette is always useful and appreciated. This Ampersand Sideways Tote can carry work-related or life-related necessities equally easily." — Elizabeth Jeffer

40s: Ultimate Tote

"It's time to invest in the ultimate tote (to mix it up from the style you bought in your 30s), one that is classic but has a unique aspect—in this case a grand scale—that stands out quietly. Tsatsas is my current favorite designer of understated elegant design." — Elizabeth Jeffer

50s: Gorgeous Crossbody Bag

"Time to invest in a special bag that is distinguished and highly functional. The Olga, for example, features tons of pockets to organize all your things—for work, travel, night out, day outs, etc." — Elizabeth Jeffer

60s: Ideal Travel Bag

"In your 60s, you might be working less and enjoying more travel and time away from the routine. A great travel getaway bag is always useful." — Elizabeth Jeffer

70s: Fun Treat-Yourself Bag

"The golden years predicate you indulge yourself in some exotic foreign or domestic location as often as possible. An Antonello tote is the ultimately luxury vacation bag—elegant and low-key." — Elizabeth Jeffer

What handbag style is your go-to based on your age? Let us know in the comments below.

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