The Bag Trends That Are In and Out, According to Experts

While we all have our go-to bag (i.e. that classic black satchel), that one style won't cut it for everything. What's the fun in that, right? If you're on the hunt for a new handbag to round out your collection this season, we've got you covered with the best trends to try right now—and the ones you should completely avoid.

That's right, we tapped some of our favourite handbag designers to spill on the styles that are in and out for spring.

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In: "I have been seeing a lot of micro bags lately! We just released a nano version of our Tie Crossbody which gets as much love as our most popular style, the Backpack. These bags tend to be just big enough for your phone, keys, and few cards. In general, I meet a lot of women who are more interested in more minimal, clean styles over bags that are loud and heavily branded." 

In: "One big trend for S/S 16 is nano bags. Handbags are just getting smaller and smaller, but interestingly, our mobiles are just getting bigger and bigger! Below is our black Albion Nano Crossbody. It’s small but (perhaps unexpectedly) fits all your essentials—such as a cardholder, mobile phone, and keys."

Out: "A trend that seems to be on its way out is for slouchy boho bags. There is a move to bags focusing more and more on accommodating technology. Therefore, it’s even more important to have a structured bag, either big or small, that holds your mobile, camera, or laptop perfectly." 

In: "Something about a small tote or small cinch bag for spring—that's as easy as one of our clutches or fanny packs. It's a great way to carry all your essentials without being bogged down by having to carry around a big bag." 

In: "This year I see a lot of pink in the market—not bright flashy pink but a dusty retro '50s-style pink. Ladylike and crisp. Smaller bags are also on the rise for spring—paring down and lightening the load."

Out: "I think women are tired of seeing the basic East/West tote shape [essentially, the standard tote].They already own this bag, and it fails to excite. They are looking for clever reinterpretations."

In: "A trend that is in for spring are saddle bags, a great style that feels fresh and modern with a hint of retro in its shape. Made in a chic structured leather, it works with everything from casual summer dresses or denim to dressier blazers."

Out: "Some might argue the opposite this season, but for me, a big shiny logo in front is always out." 

In: "We don’t always think about what’s 'in' or 'out,' but for me, if I had to say one, it would be the hobo bag. I tend to like bags with more structure. My favorite this season is our Jeanette Bag in Confetti Flower or Tan Croc." 

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Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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