7 Halloween Costume Ideas for the Fashion Lover

Best Halloween Costume Ideas


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Halloween is one of those events that always seems to sneak up without warning. So when a last-minute invite to a costume party arrives in your inbox, it can leave you scrambling to find something to wear at the last minute. With picked-over stores and last-minute plans, the whole scenario can prove to be a stressful experience that ultimately ends with a less-than-stellar costume.

This year, try getting a jump start on your outfit for Halloween. Not only does it give you the chance to get creative with your costume, but you might also have the change to add some cool pieces to your wardrobe. Those pink furry heels you’ve been eyeing? Perfect for a Marie Antoinette–inspired look. And the white ankle boots on your wish list? The ultimate shoe for a ’60s mod outfit. Want to see which ideas we’re behind?

Keep reading to shop seven Halloween costume ideas that are fashion girl–approved.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Twiggy


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Channel Twiggy with a mod ’60s look.

The building block of the look? A pink minidress.

The ultimate excuse to finally get a pair of white boots for fall.

Finish the outfit with these oval frames.

Cher Horowitz
Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Cher Horowitz


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Grab a miniskirt and knee-high socks to perfect Cher Horowitz's Clueless look.

Wear these silver heels (also one of the season's biggest trends).

An iconic piece from Cher's outfit.

Holly Golightly
Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Holly Golightly


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One of the most iconic characters from a movie: Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany's fame. 

We have a feeling this dress will be a staple long after Halloween.

Wear your hair up with this tiara.

Wear the same pair that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Carrie Bradshaw
Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Carrie Bradshaw


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Any Sex and the City fan knows that Carrie Bradshaw is the show's fashion icon. Channel her look for Halloween.

The Carrie necklace is the best place to start.

The perfect foundation for the look.

This outfit is all about layering.

If you live somewhere cold, this costume is a good excuse to bundle up.

One of our favorite shoe silhouettes this season.

We imagine wearing this over a button-down top and jeans after Halloween.

Marie Antoinette
Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Marie Antoinette


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Channel the young queen's style with luxe satin, velvet, and feathers.

This dress feels very inspired by Marie Antoinette's style.

Iris Apfel
Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Iris Apfel



It might seem like a lot of effort, but this is such a fun one to wear.

This coat is just great for the cold weather anyway. 

You can wear as many as you like to re-create the Iris look. 

Your outfit isn't complete until you've also got some red trousers. 

Blair Waldorf
Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Blair Waldorf



Headbands are a necessity if you're going to imitate Blair Waldorf's preppy New York style.

Ruffles are a great idea for this costume. 

Place this around the top of your white shirt. 

You can't do Blair Waldorf without a headband. 

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