9 Hair Tools that Celebs, Fashion Girls and Beauty Editors Swear By

When it comes to haircare basics like how often you should actually be washing your hair or the hair products that I use on a weekly basis, I've got things pretty well worked out. When it comes to hair tools, however, it's a whole different ball game. Between hair straighteners and hair dryers and curling tongs and chopstick wands, it can be tricky to know which tools are genuinely worth adding to your haircare arsenal and which ones are just a passing fad.

Recently, though, it seems like more and more celebs, fashion girls and beauty editors are taking to social media to rave about the hair tools that they've been loving or to share snapshots of the gadgets that their hair stylists have been using to prep their hair behind the scenes.

Best Hair Tools: Rosie Huntington-Whitely with wavy hair



Case in point: the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (£300) which Rosie Huntington-Whiteley raved about on her beauty website, Rose Inc, just last month.

Enlisting the help of some of the world's top hair stylists and engineers in its design, the Dyson Hair Dryer has quickly become a backstage staple and celebrity stylist favourite thanks to its fast-drying capabilities, shine-boosting temperature control and lightweight hold.


With new attachments—like the gentle dryer for sensitive or young scalps and the wide tooth comb for type 3 and 4 curly hair—it pretty much works for all hair types too. And, I have to say, having tried the £300 hair dryer for myself I can confirm that Rosie is correct—it genuinely is pretty damn good.

Best Hair Tools: Kristabel Plummer wearing slogan t-shirt and leopard skirt



Of course, it isn't just hair dryers that are now considered an essential tool for our at-home hair kits though. From cult hair straighteners that have been transforming the way we all style our hair since 2001 to seriously affordable hair tools that fashion girls rely on to create instant curls, there's a whole array of hair tools on the market to choose from right now.

But which ones are actually worth your money? Keep scrolling to shop my pick of the best hair tools—including hair dryers, straighteners and curling wands—as recommended by celebrities, fashion girls and beauty editors like myself.

Hair dryers

Best Hair Tools: Kaia Gerber with bouncy blow dry



When Jen Atkin—celebrity hair stylist to the likes of Kaia Gerber, Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian—consults on a hair dryer, you know its going to be good. She advised Dyson during the creation of their Supersonic Hair Dryer and the result is a machine that is now beloved by A-listers, stylists and beauty editors. 

It boasts a V9 motor that spins up to 110,000 times per minute—making it faster, lighter and quieter than other hair dryers on the market. Plus, it minimises heat damage, improves shine and comes with a whole host of attachments so you can create everything from a sleek blowdry to bouncy waves at home.


When Victoria Beckham had her models stepping out on the runway in sleek ponytails, celebrity hairstylist Guido Palau revealed to The Telegraph that this hair dryer from GHD was key to the look.

"A good hairdryer is key,” said Guido. "And this super-cool GHD Aura hairdryer is the key to the start of this process. You need a fast dryer with a great nozzle, so we can direct the hair in the right direction."

This affordable hair dryer seriously gives its pricier counterparts a run for their money in my opinion. Its really lightweight so your arm won't feel like its going to fall off and it uses ceramic technology for a sleek, smooth blow dry. 

Hair straighteners

Best Hair Tools: Priyanka Chopra wearing sleek ponytail



Celebrity hair stylist Joseph Maine revealed to Elle that these GHD hair straighteners are his flat irons of choice. And as a man that's tended to the hair of everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Ashley Graham, I reckon he knows a thing or a hundred about creating sleek strands.

"I love the ghd Platinum because it heats quickly to the optimal temperature for all hair types, 365 degrees, and its rounded edges make it easy to achieve a number of different styles," Maine explained.

Great for use on curly and Afro hair types, Larry Sims—hair stylist to the likes of Zendaya and Mary J. Blige—told Byrdie that he has an ongoing "love affair with this flat iron" from T3.

"First of all, it heats up in about in 30 seconds, aka it's perfect for rushed mornings. Secondly, it's made with heavy duty technology that heats the plates evenly, making one pass just enough to give you that silky, sleek finish you want," Sims said. "I never have to worry about burning off my edges or weak roots, because its tourmaline and ceramic plates offer up the proper amount of heat that's not damaging."

Petite but perfectly formed, these are Victoria Beckham's hair straighteners of choice when she's traveling. 

"Most of them don't get so hot, but I've found these Balmain hair straighteners that come in this nice little bag, which I think is going to be a life changer. No more frizzy hair when I get off the plane," said Beckham.

Curling wands

When this innovative hair tool launched, Jen Atkin claimed that "it will break the internet" thanks to the Dyson's unique ability to both dry and wave your hair at the same time.

Although you can also use this to create a smooth blowout, its the Airwrap barrels that really impress me—creating and setting your hair into bouncy curls and waves that you can normally only achieve with the help of a pro.

The cool-girl curling wand of choice, this purse-friendly tool helps you to create tight, perm-like curls like Courtney Trop. I found it really easy to use and was impressed with how long the results lasted—I even slept on my hair and woke up with ultra-defined curls the next day.

Created by celebrity stylist Luke Hersheson, who has styled everyone from VB to the Duchess of Cambridge, this tong makes it easy to create effortless, beachy waves that never veer into ringlet territory. 

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