The Hair Accessory I Wear to Stop Kinks Is Now Firmly On Trend

We’ve come a long way since Carrie Bradshaw destroyed the scrunchie’s reputation by telling boyfriend Jack Berger that no New Yorker would ever wear one. Over a decade later, scrunchies are now one of the biggest hair accessories. Even men are embracing them.

While the headband is definitely fabulous, the scrunchie is as cool as it is practical, as it’s also great for stopping kinks. I’m not the only one who thinks this. Recently I spied that Eva Chen, head of fashion at Instagram, loves a scrunchie, too, after she posted in her stories about the versions from Slip (the people that created those genius eye masks).

I spoke to Mona Ghafoori, beauty expert and founder of hair accessories brand Tort, about why hair scrunchies are great for hair health. "As I sleep with my hair up, scrunchies are good at not giving you headaches (I hate that tight feeling of hair ties) but they also don't rip out your hair and as a result cause less breakage and hair shedding."

I love it when something looks great and is good for you too. But if you need further convincing, I've found a few ways to style them, as well as numerous brands stocking the hair accessory. From Faithfull the Brand's scrunchie-and-accessories set to the sophisticated bow version from Zara, there are plenty to choose from. Even Versace's in on the trend.

best hair scrunchies: asos lotte wearing one in a low bun



Style Notes: The easiest way to wear the scrunchie is to tie your hair up in a low bun. 

Style Notes: Match your scrunchie to your outfit.

best hair scrunchies: elinor block wearing tort in a low bun


Who What Wear

Style Notes: Try fun scrunchies such as a black shiny version or bold colours. 


These might be pricey, but they're great for stopping snags. 

If you don't want your hair up, these look great as an accessory on your wrist too. 

Ladylike versions always get our attention. 

From one of our favourite luxury hair accessories designer. 

Topshop will always deliver when it comes to fun hair accessories. 

If pastels are your thing, this one is calling out for you. 

Polka dots always look expensive. 

Animal-print lovers, this one's for you. 

Metallic scrunchies are perfect for parties and nights out. 

Next up, the biggest autumn/winter 2019 trends you need to know. 

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