8 Hair Accessories That'll Bring Your Outfits to Life

Hair accessories have undoubtedly commanded the fashion spotlight over the last few years. Just in 2017, I remember struggling to get my hands on a plain Alice band. Now, you can have said Alice band any which way: velvet, knotted, or embellished (more on that later).

With party season replaced with festive-themed Zoom calls, we predict hair accessories are going to be more popular than ever. They'll be in full view of your screen, after all. Even when you do venture out to meet a carefully selected group of friends or family members, you're going to want to mark that moment by making a considerable effort with your attire. And when it comes to fanciness, nothing can compete with a hair accessory.

From '90s-inspired claw clips to a colourful moment that'll bring your monochromatic winter outfits to life, these are the best hair accessories we've seen ramping up all over Instagram with no signs of stopping. Keep scrolling to see what's new in the world of hair décor.


Best Hair Accessories: @emilisindlev



Style Notes: Velvet textures always make a comeback as winter begins, and one of the easiest ways to channel the trend is with a velvet bow worn in your hair. Use it to create a chic half-up, half-down 'do.


Best Hair Accessories: @thatsaleaf



Style Notes: Barrettes have been a firm fixture on the accessory circuit for the past couple of seasons, though how they look tends to vary. Right now, it's all about resin in rainbow hues. 

Style Notes: Another hair accessory which, thankfully, isn't going anywhere, a headband will make any outfit you wear feel instantly more glamorous—particularly if you opt for a pearl-embellished style, which is already proving to be the most popular band of the season.  


Best Hair Accessories: @msorrig wears a claw clip



Style Notes: This simple '90s claw clip became one of summer's must-have accessories after a slew of influencers started wearing them. Tortoiseshell options are the easiest to come by, but we also love Balmain's designer iteration. 


Best Hair Accessories: @babba wears a satin scrunchie



Style Notes: What would a hair accessory round-up be without a nod to the scrunchie? While organza iterations have been doing the rounds of late, satin scrunchies will also make you feel party ready, even if you have zero plans to leave your living room. 

Best Hair Accessories: @aysha.sow wears a wool beret



Style Notes: While unlike the other hair accessories on this list, we'd be amiss not to mention the beret. Yes, they're designed to keep you cosy, but their pleasing, French-girl aesthetic makes them a stylish addition to any winter outfit. 


Best Hair Accessories: @alllisonho wears minimal hair slides



Style Notes: Minimalists, rejoice! For we've found the perfect accessory for you. Be they metallic or enamel, add simple pins or kirby grips to your hair to instantly elevate it, without looking too twee. 


Best Hair Accessories: @maria_bernad wears a hair scarf



Style Notes: Another trend we're carrying over from summer is hair scarves. Opt for a silky fabric that'll allow you to wear it in a multitude of ways—try covering the crown of your head and tying underneath your chin, wrapping it around the base of a ponytail, or weaving it between the sections of a braid. 

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